Entrepreneurs – If your growth has slowed, Re-Ignite Your Company, Read on….

A real-world Growth laboratory

Has your growth slowed… and profits too?  You’ve probably been asked this dozens of times… by speakers, coaches and maybe even your concerned spouse.

You launched your baby – got it up and running with or without support, funding or many things you might have needed.  Long days, longer nights, your first product, first sale, first million in sales, maybe your first 10 million or more.   But life got complicated – and you can’t always go at 150%.

Maybe health or family or just enthusiasm slowed you down a bit.  And once you take your foot off the peddle you might have even felt a bit of relief.  Maybe you thought you could grow with day-to-day thinking… maybe you got some consultants in for best practices… perhaps you thought ‘tweaking’ operations would kick start your company.

Several of my friends have told me about the experts they’ve paid $20,000 who each have their own pet theory….  If you’ve been down this path, don’t feel bad – all experts talk growth, few really have the broad experience in igniting mature businesses.

You might scratch your head about Uber, AirBnB, SnapChat, Netflix or Shave Club coming from nowhere.  How did those kids find a new vision, discover a hidden resource that everyone else missed?  Where do those new perspectives come from?  Finding the hidden resources is what this course is about.

Those startups began with little more than an idea.  But you and I are way past starting from scratch.  You have your brand, your people, inventory, operations, marketing – but things have still slowed.  This course is for people who have already succeeded… and are looking for a way to get some outside perspective.

We’ve built in solid content, required assignments to keep you engaged, peer community with other successful business leaders, not to mention the valuable tools, profile and personal connection with me.

Real World Experience Distilled – After decades of consulting, the stories are real and many will apply to your business.  If I come to your company to help you discover your hidden resources, my average on-site fee is $15-$25,000 but the world is changing and we built a new model.

Proven Tools – We pioneered using computers in marketing and database.  You will get those four proven analysis tools to evaluate your marketing efforts, project your growth and segment your customers.  ($1,000 value)

Custom Data Profiling – We will take your basic customer & sales data and build geodemographic maps to illustrate key customer profile information.  We will even mark them up to help you see what’s hiding in there.  ($5,000 value)

Private facebook Group – closed group for members only – this may be the most valuable part of the course as you give and get feedback from other ReIgniteurs.  Fire away with questions – the group will go on after we finish the course.  Weekly facebook Office Hours – I will be available for both message-board interaction and video interaction.  ($2,000 value and I’ll probably increase the course price next time)

Who Am I?

I’ve been a Marketing Consultant for over 35 years.  Almost none of my consulting friends have stayed with it so long.  Most gladly took ‘real jobs’ for the stability.  But I think I have a gift – for spotting opportunities and helping clients do what it takes to capitalize.

Able to grow companies even through recessions (and good times also).  Depending on how you count, I’ve been through 3 recessions.  In 2002 we helped a 40+ year old company, declining for many years to grow 20% the next three years in a row.   In 2008 we developed special math techniques to help weather that storm.   The other day, I looked back and counted 15 companies who had explosive growth.*  Diving into stories like these makes it fun to listen, gets you past the abstract theories, helps you connect and makes this course unique.

Why haven’t you heard of me? There are consultants who are great in sales – and to be honest, that isn’t me.  I made a steady living by having a few big clients and helping lots of other businesses along the way.  I could afford to work with a wide variety of sizes and types of companies.  Few have had that luxury.  You can probably think of competitors who are better at sales but you know they don’t deliver the value that you do.

We pioneered computers in Marketing, Lead Qualification Systems, CRM, BIG data & predictive modeling systems.   Our company grew like a rocket and within 6 or 7 years we had 5 large corporations asking about buying us.   Why didn’t I sell?  I loved what I was doing – they said I could retire (at 39?)   Then, many things changed… the development continued but I know what it feels like to slow … and keep going…

So, what’s the deal?  First, and most important, this inaugural on-line class will be limited to 24 companies.  That means much more special attention than when we hit our goal for several hundred students.

We’re charging $3,000 per student.  (I hate when these sales pages never get around  to the price).  Yes, we thought about a free ‘beta’, but we’re not looking for ‘free’ kind of students.  If $3K is a lot of money for you, you’re probably not ready for this class.

Perhaps you’re still thinking that you’ve tried these types of courses before – why will this be different.  Well first, great that you’ve kept trying – that means that you still have the fire in your belly, the will to win.   I have a suggestion for you – from now on, don’t sign up for any other course or consultant unless you’re also committing to get involved, do what it takes, put some real energy into it.

And you know what, if you’re not all in – its also OK that you join us.  We only want participants… because as you listen to the stories, you’ll realize that I’m all about your success.

Growth is hard – you already know that – and it is disruptive, it might interfere with your weekly golf for a while – growth can even be expensive and risky.  I helped double a $10 million company in 3 years and our bank got so excited, they called our loan… but we found a better bank.  If you’re not willing to once again risk, then no sense signing up…  of course I’ve taken almost all the risk out of the beginning – because I’m giving you $20,000 of value for $3,000.    I guarantee you’ll get more than your $3K out of this – because we’re building the profile for you, tools to give you some new perspectives and most important, stories that you can identify with.


Can I look at all the materials once I enroll?
Nope, we’re going to be in this together – more like a college class initially.  I have all the videos completed, but I will release them so that there is approximately an hour per week of material (we’ll adjust if we think its too fast or too slow).  That will allow time for you to view it, interact on our closed facebook group and begin applying it to ReIgnite Your Company.

Will I get time with John Miglautsch for specific questions?
I will have regular office hours on the closed facebook group, he will also be looking at posts in the group.  Of course I’ve been doing consulting for over 35 years so may also be available outside of the course structure for my regular rate.

Can I bring some of my people in on the process?
The Course software allows for a group leader, so we should be able to set that up.  However we do it, you can add additional people in your company for $1,000 each.

Will there be feedback specific to my company in any part of the course?
The lectures have already been recorded, so the content is specifically related to past cases.  However, included in the course is a geographic profile of your data – also key observations will be briefly highlighted on your maps.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
I’ve always had one – even based on beating what clients were already doing.  In this class, we’ll be covering a lot of ground before we build your custom profile.  If you really don’t feel like you’re connecting, don’t send your data and we’ll refund your payment.   On the other hand, once we analyze your customers, you’ve gotten more than you paid for so we’ll be square.


1. Hit the button.StartNowClicking here lets you pay me $3,000 with PayPal and you can also use your favorite credit card.

2. Go to facebook.com and join this SECRET GROUP – Reigniteurs .

3. Assuming you’ve made your payment – we will send you a login for http://issm.org. Go there using the username and password you received from us (check your junk filter too). Once logged in, hover over ‘Courses’ and click on Reignite Your Company.

* Explosive Growth Clients:
1. Wisconsin Graphics Corp.
2. Durable Controls
3. V.L. Hunter
4. Sales Guides
5. R.L.Meyer
6. Baseball Express
7. PetEdge
8. EyeWire (Adobe)
9. Windham Hill
10. Fairfield Bay
11. Bullock & Jones
12. Lands’End B2B
13. Great Lakes Products
14. Legendary Whitetails
15. LoveSac